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Winter Wellness

The 2022 Winter Wellness program has concluded. Congratulations to the winners:

Celeste Felix 

Stephanie Parreira

Jaclyn Stogbauer

LeChé McGill

Larissa Leavens

Here are two quotes from our winners:

"My max steps achieved in one day was 16,129. I was MOVING that day and had created a walking challenge with my friends on Fitbit. While I didn't win, I did my best!" -Larissa L.

"I wear both a Fitbit and Apple watch with a goal of 10K steps a day, I reach 14, 400 or more on running days, done 3x's a week. Column 6 Row A, The stretch exercises provided in the guide are easy and quick. While I don't do them every day, I do practice them on long days with back-to-back meetings. Helps tremendously. Column 2 Row B. I use the Mint app for budgeting purposes. Love it as it helps me maintain financial accountability. Column 4 Row C. My go to healthy snack is an avocado. I have one at least 2x's a week with a little salt and pepper on top. My version of nature's butter!" -LeChé M.



Jump into Winter with the UC ANR Staff Assembly Wellness Committee.

Now through February 7th, complete at least five individual health and wellness activities highlighted through the challenge.

Be inspired to try to reach a new goal or complete an activity towards wellness goals you’ve already set for the start of the new year.

Winter Wellness is designed to help you incorporate six essential elements of wellness: purpose, community, social, mental, physical, and financial.  The program aims to increase individual wellbeing engagement and awareness.

Complete your Winter Wellness entry for a chance to win a gift card. 10 winners will be selected!

Submit by February 7th.


[Tiles have hyperlinks to access wellness resources and materials.]