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UC Agriculture and Natural Resources is unique in the UC system, in that its staff span a tremendous geographical area, from the Oregon border to Mexico, from the Pacific Ocean to the eastern Sierra and expansive deserts. To engage this wide ranging group, Staff Assembly Council decided to commission "ambassadors" across the state. An ambassador is being selected for each county office and research and extension center; the names and contact information will be posted shortly on this website. 

The ambassadors will:

  • serve as a liaison between the UC ANR Staff Assembly Council and local UC ANR staff about the UC ANR Staff Assembly, its meetings, training sessions and other activities.
  • encourage and promote UCANR staff participation in UC ANR Staff Assembly activities.
  • informally collect information, ideas and suggestions from the local staff and share it with the UC ANR Staff Assembly Council.

For more information, contact Staff Assembly Ambassador Chair Rochelle Mederos at mederos@ucanr.edu  (559) 684-3322