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SAC Alumni

Staff Assembly Council Alumni

Our thanks to the many volunteers who have served on Staff Assembly Council over the years. Their contributions contributed (and continue to contribute!) in so many ways to better experiences for all staff across UC ANR.


Chair: Marvin Flores

Programs: Nikolai Schweitzer

Ambassador Co-Chairs: Sue Lake & Rosalinda Ruiz

Communications: Sarah Angulo

Educational Reimbursement: Rosa Vargas

Wellness Chair: Scott Brayton

Scribe: Lori Renstrom

Treasurer: Kathryn Stein

CUSCA Representative: Davd Ritz

CUSCA Representative: Dohee Kim


Chair: Shane Feirer

Co-chair: Nikolai Schweitzer

Program co-chair: Karina Macias

Scribe & Treasurer: Lori Renstrom

Communications: Angela Asch

Wellness: Jeannette Warnert

Scholarship Committee: Sue Lake, Erin Spaniel

Ambassador Chair: Emily Melton Casado

Ambassador Co-Chair: Rochelle Mederos

Senior CUSCA delegate: LeChe McGill

Junior CUSCA delegate: Ali Stafabsich


Chair: Matthew Baur

Vice Chair/Treasurer : Christina Adamson

Program Chair: Nikolai Schweitzer

Scribe: Tammy Majcherek

CUSCA Representative: Lori Renstrom

CUSCA Representative & Scribe: Jeannette Warnert