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What We're Working On

2023-24 CUCSA Workgroups

Sustainable Workforce - will look at staffing levels, hybrid work and standardized messaging around work/life balance. (Shirley’s workgroup)

Wellness - will continue with the work and recommendations from 2022-23, including the implementation of a Systemwide Wellness Director and support for wellness managers at each location. (Christine’s workgroup)

Compensation - will continue with the work and recommendations from 2022-23, including solutions to the housing crisis, working with HR to launch a Systemwide Benefits Survey, advocating for fair compensation

Policy-covered Staff Identity - will support future communication and advocacy efforts by developing materials that convey the identity and needs of systemwide policy-covered staff, including: statistical composition, diversity of roles and needs, and compelling individual profiles.

Internal Operations - Standing workgroup that supports the delegation with critical administrative roles like data and records, strategic plan, and internal resources. This group serves as a hub for our institutional memory and the fiber that holds the delegation together.    

External Communications - Supporting CUCSA in connecting with our external stakeholders and constituents, such as the staff we advocate for, government partners, system leadership, and others. Communicating through our social channels, newsletter, and other media.