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UC Agriculture and Natural Resources is unique in the UC system, in that its staff span a tremendous geographical area, from the Oregon border to Mexico, from the Pacific Ocean to the eastern Sierra and expansive deserts. To engage this wide ranging group, Staff Assembly Council decided to commission "ambassadors" across the state.

What's expected of me if I want to become an ambassador?
  • Attend monthly meetings on the first Thursday of every month from 12-1 PM to connect with other ambassadors, share updates or concerns from your local office and discuss ideas for employee engagement.
  • Commit to keeping your office and colleagues informed about opportunities for professional development, community building and fun! 
  • Present any issues that negatively impact your office's ability to function effectively, collaborate on solutions and advocate for change.
How do I make my presence known as an ambassador?
  • Challenge yourself to have informal but frequent check-ins with your colleagues. If you're enjoying lunch with others, remind them about upcoming events or ask for their opinion about ANR matters that affect them. 
  • Speak up during team or county-wide meetings. Don't be afraid to remind folks that you're an ambassador, and that Staff Assembly Council exists as a resource. 

Become an Ambassador today!

Submit an interest form and the Ambassador Chair will reach out for a quick call to answer any of your questions before jumping in. 

Click the Locate Your Local Ambassador to identify who is representing your area or location.

For more information, contact the Staff Assembly Ambassador Chair Javier Miramontes at jfmiramontes@ucanr.edu.