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Ambassador information for UC Walks

Staff Assembly Ambassador responsibilities: As the UCANR Moves wellness event approaches, you may encounter additional participants desiring to be involved. REMEMBER: ANR staff includes county-paid, part-time, full-time, non-represented, represented) employees. Also, directors and academics are encouraged to participate!

  1. Prepare for the UC ANR Moves event by discussing with your staff members a simple, yet exciting walking course. Determine the distance and location of the walking course by your specific employee/location needs & conditions.

  2. Ask a designated ANR employee to take pictures of UC ANR Moves Suggestions: group photos with your location sign, “wellness walkers” in action, charismatic/fun pictures. You may post to social media using #UCANRmoves. After the event is completed, email Scott Brayton, sabrayton@ucanr.edu, your UC Moves pictures illustrating the event. 

  3. During staff meetings, team member workshops, or individual communication, continue to educate/inform all staff, academics, and faculty of this UC system-wide wellness event.