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Staff veterans


  • This workgroup was tasked with reviewing UC’s role in regards to US military veteran employees including the availability and detail of resources and services offered
  • Additionally the current self-identification form was reviewed and assessed
  • Results showed that resources and services offered varied from location to location and that it is not known exactly how many veteran employees are on each campus or system-wide
  • Veterans come into civilian workforce at all levels with varied skill sets most of which are transferrable to civilian careers
  • Many veterans choose not to self-identify due to fear of stigmatization or negative stereotyping
  • Currently, the UC self-identification form is confusing at best

CUCSA recommendations

  • Update application and survey language for better clarification
  • Train campus recruiters and managers on how to explain the question “Am I a Protected Veteran” on the self identification form
  • Develop and implement a UC system-wide Veteran strategy, which could include a Veteran Employment Program to provide outreach, education/training, skills translation for external and internal staff and faculty
  • Communicate the value of the veteran recruitment strategy from both the system-wide and campus levels
  • Provide data on veteran populations system-wide and per campus
  • Create job descriptions that explicitly indicate skills and experience and include military codes that are relevant to the required skills and experience
  • Create a Veterans Mentorship Program to assist veterans with career development and to better understand UC career paths
  • Create a Veterans Social Group/Employee Resource Group to help provide internal support to veterans

For the full report, go to:  http://cucsa.ucr.edu/StaffVeterans2.pdf