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Performance management


  • Performance management is a management tool which increases the likelihood of the employee consistently reaching their goals
  • The UC is shifting to a Pay for Performance system whereby merit increases are tied to performance making performance management vital
  • Additionally, evaluating current practices, determining best practices and making recommendations to ensure there is a consistent framework of procedures and expectations is critical
  • Ultimately, this workgroup was tasked with analyzing how the UC can improve on its low score in the 2015 Staff Engagement Survey that asked, “I feel my personal contributions are recognized.”

CUCSA recommendations

  • The Employee Engagement Survey has proven to be a valuable and crucial tool in identifying issues campus wide, and should be continued on a bi-yearly or regular basis
  • Transparency in Performance Management process and outcomes is critical to ensure buy in at all levels
  • The correlation between adequate preparation in a performance appraisal and the new UC merit based plan needs to be clearer to employees
  • Performance Management Training is critical for success – Mandatory supervisor training needs to be actively advocated for all on campuses
  • Service Awards need to be harmonized across campuses to create a more unified approach to recognizing UC service


For the full report, go to  http://cucsa.ucr.edu/PerformanceManagement.pdf