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Internal operations


  • This is a standing workgroup that reviews the strategic plan/priorities which were identified 3 years ago, continue to build on CUCSA marketing/branding efforts, create a progress report for past workgroup reports, document campus partnerships for reference and identify any emerging internal demands
  • Additionally, this group will recommend how to best monitor progress of and support CUCSA delegates in their local engagement survey efforts
  • The 2015-2016 Internal Operations (IO) initiatives included:
    • CUCSA Outreach and Marketing
    • Bylaws
    • Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) Engagement
    • Systemwide Committee Selections
    • Diversity & Local Assemblies
    • Electronic Data Officer (EDO) & Internal Operations
    • CUCSA Best Practices

CUCSA recommendations

  • Diversity and Local Assemblies
    • Local assembly executive boards should recruit with diversity in mind. Ways to achieve this include:
      • Outreach to staff in affinity groups
      • Collaboration with the Campus Diversity Office
      • Partner with affinity groups in campus events
      • Assure that executive board elections are open and widely publicized
  • Systemwide Committee Selections
    • As staff members are often the ones to implement and administer UC policies, it’s recommended that UC leadership include staff representatives in any policy reform discussion
    • Including staff in the conversations would improve communication between leadership and front-line staff
    • Lack of communication between and across the range and levels of staff on major decisions can lead to unnecessary misunderstandings, apprehension and mistrust
  • CHRO Engagement
    • CUCSA delegates should provide meeting summaries to their respective campus CHRO’s following each quarterly CUCSA meeting as well as the CUCSA Chair reports at the end of each year
    • Delegates and local assembly members should be actively looking for community and campus event opportunities in which to partner
    • CUCSA delegates and staff could benefit by working with their local assemblies to engage the campus CHROs in relation to the CUCSA Engagement Survey results
  • Bylaws
    • At present, a thorough review of the bylaws found no conflicts between the current bylaws and current CUCSA practice
    • The bylaws will need to be reviewed and amended to include the UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources in the 2016/2017 year
  • Outreach and Marketing
    • CUCSA  branded sticky notes should continue to be used as they were determined to be the most cost-effective marketing tool at this time
    • CUCSA delegates need to continue to talk about CUCSA at their local campuses, include the CUCSA logo on email signatures, include messaging that encourages staff engagement, link the CUCSA website to local SA sites and provide detailed quarterly meeting debriefs to their local assemblies
  • EDO and Internal Operations
    • In 2013 the IO group proposed the creation of an EDO position to address the growing demand for digitally distributed information and outreach
    • The primary tasks of website updating and gathering of post meeting feedback have been expanded to meet the growing demands on the position which includes social media and SharePoint account support.
    • It’s recommended in the 2016-2017 CUCSA cycle, the EDO will be included in the CUCSA pre-meeting planning sessions in order to access the information needed to update the website in a more timely manner
  • CUCSA and Best Practices
    • Best practices (campus) sharing between CUCSA delegates is a very important byproduct of the CUCSA process as new ideas are formulated
    • Recommendation is to keep this process preserved and enhanced by reminding delegates to review all of the written campus updates prior to the quarterly meeting which would leave more time for questions and answers
    • The IO team would like to see the continuation of setting aside ‘official’ time at each quarterly meeting for best practice sharing


 For the full report, go to: http://cucsa.ucr.edu/15.16IO.pdf