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Effective change management


  • As a world class university, change within our system is ever present
  • With over 200,000 employees – and specifically over 138,000 staff – we are confronted with change on a regular basis
  • One key outcome of the 2012 and 2015 UC staff engagement surveys was the perception by staff that the UC does not manage change well.
  • Across the wide and diverse spectrum of UC, some management teams are trained, communicate to others well and utilize and include a change management component and some do not
  • Enlisting staff in the change process greatly increases their desire to “co-create” the change

 CUCSA recommendations

  • The UC system take action to ensure that change management tools and practices are incorporated into initiatives
  • Staff at all levels are trained in the language of change management
  • Train all employees in change management

o   Make all UC Learning Center trainings available to all employees at every level

o   Create custom training for employee groups

  • Executives – training with an emphasis on sponsoring change and communication
  • Manager and supervisor – coping with change, communication and leading others through change
  • Individual contributors – their role in change and how to cope with it
  • Create a communication strategy for all change
  • Establish a Center of Excellence to help leaders with change management


For the full report, go to http://cucsa.ucr.edu/EffectiveChangeManagement.pdf