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Ambassador information for UC Walks

Staff Assembly Ambassador responsibilities: As the UC Walks wellness event approaches, you may encounter additional participants desiring to be involved. ANR Staff Assembly will be able to supply a small number of T-shirts (S, M, L, XL, & XXL sizes) for those who were not signed-up originally. REMEMBER: ANR staff includes county-paid, part-time, full-time, non-represented, represented) employees. Also, directors and academics are encouraged to participate!

  1. Prepare for the UC Walks event by discussing with your staff members a simple, yet exciting walking course. Determine the distance and location of the walking course by your specific employee/location needs & conditions.

  2. The day of the event, distribute UC Walks T-shirts to each “wellness walker”. The UC Walks T-Shirt should be worn during the entire event.

  3. Record each “wellness walkers” minutes. The standard method that UCOP is utilizing: 15 minutes of walking approximately equals 1 mile. Document and report your total minutes walked on Collaborative Tools under discussion subject “UC Walks minutes walked.”

  4. Important! Have a designated ANR employees take pictures of UC Walks Suggestions: group photos with your location sign, “wellness walkers” in action, charismatic/fun pictures with UC Walks T-Shirts. After the event is completed, send UC ANR Staff Assembly two of your UC Walks pictures illustrating the event. 

  5. During staff meetings, team member workshops, or individual communication, continue to educate/inform all staff, academics, and faculty of this UC system-wide wellness event.

T-Shirt Shipment, Delivery, and Inventory: Each Staff Assembly ambassador will submit a mailing/shipping address for UC Walks T-Shirts to be delivered to. Please use the “Staff Assembly Ambassador” Collaborative Tools discussion subject “UC Walks T-Shirt Shipment address.” Upon arrival, please take an accurate inventory according your previous T-Shirt order. Delivery of T-shirts depends on the main arrival from UCOP. If you need to make any adjustments to your order, contact Nikolai Schweitzer through Collaborative Tools.

Supplemental Documentation: 2018 UC Walks logo & UC Walks 2017 Summary