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2016-17 Workgroup topics

Financial and retirement literacy and awareness

While UC has made efforts to keep staff informed about retirement and saving plans, many staff are confused by the offerings and as a result make uninformed decisions regarding their financial future. This workgroup will review what the UC system is currently offering, determine whether and why it is or is not achieving optimal results, and make recommendations for improvement.

Government relations and staff advocacy

Operation and administration of the UC System is tied to state budgets and support from the legislature, even as their contribution has decreased over the past decade. UC is one of the largest employers in California and its staff represent a large voting block. The workgroup will explore the role the UC staff, as voters and constituents, have and should play in advocating for the University.

Mental health, stress and work-life balance

While staff is impacted by increasing student enrollment, “right-sizing” of the UC workforce, and ongoing change initiatives, they also face challenges caused by the economy, family demands and other personal factors. This workgroup will review the impact of these challenges on mental well-being, identify resources that are available to staff at different locations, and make additional recommendations to address staff needs. UC ANR Staff Assembly Council member Lori Renstrom is part of this workgroup.

Staff diversity initiatives

UC is committed to achieving diversity throughout the system and this workgroup will turn its lens on diversity efforts related to staff. The workgroup will review staff diversity statistics, research current initiatives, and obtain appropriate staff input. In addition, the workgroup will assess progress on campus action plans that were created as a result of the 2012 UC System Climate Survey. This information will help the workgroup identify best practices, challenges, and recommendations for improvement. UC ANR Staff Assembly Council member Jeannette Warnert is part of this workgroup.

Internal operations

This standing workgroup will review the strategic plan/priorities that were identified 3 years ago, continue to build on CUCSA marketing/branding efforts, create a progress report for past workgroup reports, document campus partnerships for reference and identify any emerging internal demands. Additionally, this workgroup will recommend how to best monitor progress of and support CUCSA delegates in their local engagement survey efforts.